Atlanta Grief and Loss Center

“Grief is a matter of the heart and soul. Grieve your loss, allow it in, and spend time with it.
Suffering is an optional part. Love never dies, and spirit knows no less.” Louise Hay


Atlanta Grief and Loss Center help those who are struggling with grief, loss, suffering, blame, and depression… painful emotions which rob them of their vital life force.

We offer individual private sessions and group retreats that support deep healing and awakening of each person, resulting in a rebirth of their vitality. Our healing process is based on ancient ways of tending our souls during turbulent times.

Our process helps:

  • Caregivers, nurses, therapists, hospice workers, health care providers
  • Anyone experiencing relational loss of a child, spouse, parent, partner, pet, or friend, or anyone experiencing a divorce, financial crisis, or job or home loss
  • Those who are faced with trauma or illness
  • Relationship survivors healing from old, emotional wounds
  • Sensitives who grieve for the devastation of our precious planet and her people
  • Anyone feeling stuck, sad or lonely

Listen to the replay here from our podcast:
Loss & Grief: Opening Your Heart to Love Again with Melody LeBaron


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Enjoy a private session or a rejuvenating retreat. If you have questions, please call Joyce Dillon at 404-881-1322 or e-mail at